Pam's trip to Sweden - enlightening and inspiring

On the tour bus

Our intrepid exploring CEO has touched done in efficient and organised Sweden. Pam Took part on the Swedish Wood Building Council's tour whch described at inspiring and enlightening. they are light years ahead , but New Zealand could be on the cusp of manufacturing at scale Pam says. Here are some images to whet our appetite for her full review to come...

IMG_0508.JPGPhoto May 29, 8 23 51 AM.jpgIMG_0490.JPG

Some pictures back from the Sweden tour at the beginning of the month.

1) Photo on the tour bus with and Ryan Smith (USA, Uni Utah) and Susanne Rudenstam, Chair of the Swedish Wood Building Counci, who hosted the tour

2) Derome manufacturing line

3) Skelleftea homes

3) Randek

4) Modular semi-detached homes

There is some great reading material available from the Swedish Wood Building Council's publication: Sustainable Building - The way is wood

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