Prefabrication isn't just part of the future of the building industry, it IS the only way forward

Timothy Swanson

Leading urban strategist and architect Timothy Swanson, was recently in New Zealand for a roadshow of presentations. The youngest person to ever lead a Cannon Design office, Tim guides 200 plus architects, engineers, designers, planners and strategists, creating ground-breaking projects in locations as varied as rural India, to large cities such as New York, Chicago and the even the Middle East.

Swanson is broadly experienced in smart growth and sustainable development, working with leaders at the intersection of urban planning, public health and education, identifying new ways design and strategy can positively influence socioeconomic conditions.

He gives a three-minute overview of why the construction industry must embrace prefabrication, and its major advantages: increased productivity, quality, sustainability, affordability and speed of construction - one home a week vs one in six-months - no brainer really! Watch it here.

You can listen to his interview with Idealog here.

And read here.


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