PrefabNZ's six success factors to meet... No! Surpass KiwiBuild goals Image created by Whatwolf -</a>

Kiwibuild presents a tremendous opportunity the construction sector and offsite community in particular – aiming for 100,000 homes over ten years. Minister Salesa confirmed prefabrication will be part of the plan.

Call it our manifesto, action plan or success factors, here are our six key points we believe KiwiBuild must incorporate to achieve or surpass its goals - yes, we think that is possible:

  1. A design-led quality focus – above NZ Building Code minimum standards for warm, healthy, sustainable homes
  2. A multi-year procurement programme at scale and at pace – enabling businesses to invest in their offsite manufacturing methods
  3. A streamlined building consent regulatory process – clarified by using the Reliance Model
  4. A consistent bank finance approach that enables direct lending to clients of offsite projects – coupled with 10-year work guarantees
  5. An integrated industry network that enables our SME-dominant construction industry to transform for the long-term
  6. A prototyping approach where quality, affordable homes are tested, tweaked and re-tested – so only the best are recreated at scale and these are showcased through a permanent show village
These six points make up PrefabNZ’s advocacy programme, where we are providing advice and information to enable them. They are part of the solution, providing a range of alternative approaches to unbundle the financing required for land, infrastructure and planning.
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