Pegasus home - delivering an energy efficient, sustainable warm healthy prefab home

2 Te Wairewa St

'Members Voice - written by Martin Thompson – LiteGreen Projects General Manager.

When Steph and Arthur came to LiteGreen Projects to build their dream home, the principle of sustainability and energy efficiency was uppermost in their minds whilst also building with a prefab system.

Not content to settle for New Zealand ‘code minimum’ standards, the couple's vision was to build a quality, durable home that would be stylish, comfortable, healthy and affordable, built using sustainable design principles.

After extensive research and consultation, LiteGreen Projects, who are experts in building energy efficient homes, were chosen as the design and build company to showcase Arthur and Steph’s vision. This three-bedroom plus study home with open plan living combines an outstanding architectural design.

Prefab construction methods were at the top of the client's agenda knowing this could offer superior insulation qualities along with efficient build times. As such their home was built with a structural insulated panel (SIPS) system called Habitech, conferring a high level of energy efficiency throughout via super insulated 170mm thick panel walls. Habitech SIPS panels are unique to New Zealand and are exclusive to LiteGreen Projects: as well as being cost competitive and structurally superior, the external skin of the Habitech panel couples as the cladding allowing a more efficient build time.

The panels external skin consist of 50% recycled timber and Magnesium oxide from a certified supplier, unlike some other existing MGO products in the marketplace.

Arthur and Steph had completed some research in relation to the problems with some MgO in Denmark, where uncertified boards contained high amounts of Magnesium Chloride which were not fully cured thus presenting with high percentages of free chloride ions. The Habitech MGO panels, however, are quality controlled and only have trace amounts of chloride ions and do not create any corrosion issues.

The panels deliver a true R-Value of 4.3, there are no off-gassing glues in the construction with a clever joining system including stainless steel screws to the bottom and top plates.

With air tightness prioritised in the design, alongside effective mechanical ventilation, this home maintains an even air temperature year-round and a very healthy internal air environment. Maintenance-free (as opposed to cedar) recycled and reclaimed hardwood timber from LMA Timber was used to create a unique, contemporary finish to the home.

The Pegasus home achieves a minimum HomeStar 6 rating – a now industry recognised rating that is classed as being 4 times superior than the standard building code with surprisingly minimal extra cost.

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