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As one of New Zealand’s leading legal infrastructure practices, becoming a major partner of PrefabNZ made good business sense to Kensington Swan. Construction and Major Projects Partner and PrefabNZ Board Member, Paul Buetow, explains – ‘We partnered with PrefabNZ because we realised the opportunities that design and offsite construction offers the NZ market – whether through cost or time savings, sustainability, improvements in quality and productivity, or better health and safety. The opportunities are significant and as an innovative and forward-thinking law firm we wanted to be at the forefront of what is happening. We pride ourselves on looking at the future. This is also one of the reasons we have recently decided to combine with the world’s largest law firm – Dentons, in early 2020.’

The construction sector is undergoing real change and whilst prefabricated construction is not a novel concept, the legal and commercial challenges offsite design and construction offer need to be better understood, accepted, and managed.

The increasingly new innovative prefab construction methods that are coming to market means that there are potential Intellectual Property (IP) issues for the sector, and these should be considered as early as possible. IP Partner Jenni Rutter, recently hosted a webinar to PrefabNZ members discussing IP work as it is created (watch here), which includes a prefab builder’s innovative practical know-how of new methods of on-site construction. This is only one of a myriad of issues that arise and is an example of how we will support PrefabNZ’s Members.

Through our partnership with PrefabNZ, we hope to add value on other legal issues that arise. We have specialists to advise on project finance, consenting (across numerous different authorities with different rules and procedures), insurance, management of risks and liabilities particularly with off-shore suppliers, and the forms of contracts that should be used. We will be assisting PrefabNZ with templates suited to the design and offsite construction projects.

In addition to our existing capabilities, Kensington Swan’s scheduled combination with Dentons, means that we have access to worldwide expertise. For PrefabNZ Members, the benefit is that we can source advice from regions that already have significant experience with design and off-site construction (whether in Europe, the Americas or Asia).

As a further additional benefit to all PrefabNZ Members, Kensington Swan is offering 15-minute free legal services.

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