Pamela Bell's exciting decision to hand over the baton

Pam Bell

The PrefabNZ context today

PrefabNZ is at the tipping point of realising global offsite manufacturing and innovative construction. Internationally, prefab is recognised as an antidote to the increase in building demands and as a worldwide innovative construction solution. PrefabNZ is at a comfortable point of maturity, where there is an understanding of prefab taking hold internationally, and in a space nationally that the strong foundations in offsite construction for KiwiBuild are set to be built on. 2019 marks almost a decade of PrefabNZ's life, which places it in a prime, stable and comfortable position to continue on its journey.

Where is PrefabNZ at today?

  • We are gaining global understanding and collaboration, and are
  • confidently grounded nationally to support the prefab industry and innovative headway gained.

An update from Leah Singer, PrefabNZ Board Chair, 19 February 2019

"In early 2010, and on completion of her Master of Architecture thesis ‘Kiwi Prefab’, Pamela Bell founded the organisation that we have all come to know and love as PrefabNZ.

In what can only be described as a journey from zero to hero, in less than a decade Pamela Bell, in her role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has transformed PrefabNZ from a small group of enthusiasts into a dynamic social enterprise of 370 Member organisations and 4,500 following construction professionals. With Pamela at the helm, the industry has enjoyed countless networking events, interactive conferences, site visits, informative reports, and useful infographics – all dedicated to offsite construction and the resultant benefits associated.

Owing to Pamela’s passionate leadership, PrefabNZ is now recognised as the pre-eminent industry body for prefabrication, in New Zealand. In parallel, and often directly attributable to the work of PrefabNZ, we have also witnessed innovative construction gain considerable traction in the mainstream – even the Government is now paying real attention to the potential that prefab can play in addressing our nation’s housing shortages. This is no mean feat, and impossible without tireless dedicated advocacy efforts.

Therefore, and in recognition of this, Pamela has made the exciting decision to hand over the baton of PrefabNZ’s leadership. This is to enable the organisation to continue to thrive whilst allowing Pamela to both pursue alternate challenges and extend her influence within the offsite space.

Pamela will remain in the driver’s seat until after our upcoming annual CoLab event, whilst in parallel, the PrefabNZ board, led by myself, will work closely with Sandri Walsh Rosenberg (SWR) Recruitment in the quest for a dynamic and committed successor.

We are excited about both the opportunities that await Pamela, and the opportunities that await PrefabNZ, that result from Pamela’s decision. To quote the great writer Paulo Coelho “If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

If interested in more information on the PrefabNZ CEO role, please feel free to contact Tim Rosenberg at SWR.

Email: and phone: +64 (29) 273 2264."

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