PPVC project planned for Wellington!


Prefinished Prefabricated Volumetric Construction (PPVC) is a construction method whereby free-standing 3-dimensional modules are completed with internal finishes, fixtures and fittings in an off-site fabrication facility before it is delivered and installed on site.

The development and modular construction division of Fitzroy Engineering, with the backing of parent Dialog Group of Malaysia, are well advanced with the design of their proposed apartment project in Wellington.

Construction will be via the PPVC system that Dialog Fitzroy and their design team have been working on over the last 12+ months. At 8 levels it is likely to be the tallest fully PPVC project undertaken so far in NZ, it will be constructed from 94 modules that incorporate a self-supporting structural system.

The project is being undertaken on a site Dialog Fitzroy acquired in mid-2018, resource consent for the building will shortly be issued by Wellington City Council. After extensive research and due diligence, a manufacturing partner has been selected to work alongside the project team on a DfMA basis.

As with any new system there is a significant R&D element to this project and a step by step process is being under taken to ensure that the benefits of the PPVC system are fully realised. The first shipment of 4 modules are due in Wellington early in the new year, described as Proof of Concept modules these initial will be fully assembled on site demonstrating compliance and quality, shaking out any possible issues prior to ordering the manufacture of the next 90.

The total project is targeted for completion by the end of 2020, the onsite construction and assembly will be undertaken by Dialog Fitzroy’s team.

Dialog Fitzroy have established a property development business unit to undertake largely residential development in New Zealand, with the intention of delivering its projects via the use of off-site manufacturing technology and systems. The on-site construction capability is based on an “in house” team, expanding on Dialog Fitzroy’s existing infrastructure. The PPVC system being developed will be suitable for residential apartments, serviced apartments, hotel rooms, student accommodation and retirement units, up to 12 stories can be undertaken in the “golden triangle” of Auckland. Waikato and Bay of Plenty.

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