Aged Care Facility gets the Outdure QwickBuild treatment

Outdure QwickBuild

Aged Care Facility, Ryman - Sir Edmund Hillary Retirement Village, had some interesting challenges requiring compliance for aged care. Special consideration was needed for flush levels between; interior and exterior, deck, tile and turf surfaces. Between architect Ryman In-house Architects, Sawcust Construction and Outdure, a collaborative design solution was delivered.

About QwickBuild: An external flooring system providing strong, durable, stable structures to support decking boards, tiles, turf or a combination of these, with a range of decking boards, exterior tiles, and synthetic turf to choose from. Designed for installations over waterproof membranes, concrete or natural ground scenarios.

The Project

  • Redevelopment of a large podium.
  • Removal of existing tiles and membrane.
  • Installation of new membrane and new deck finishes.
  • Installed at low height.
  • Flush levels

The Solution:

Outdure's QwickBuild modular framing system was selected for its versatility as well as its structural, lightweight attributes. QwickBuild was used as a 'floating floor system’ to support and integrate with decking, tiles and turf.

The majority of the job was supplied in prefabricated made-to-measure frames, including aluminium turf baseboards to support the turf.

For on-site ease and efficiency it’ was supplied as custom prefabricated frames. And to reduce lawn maintenance and watering requirements (assisting to reduce running costs in the long term), lightweight GRC planter boxes, artificial plants, low maintenance Outdure tiles, synthetic turf and composite decking boards were installed.

The system supports structures ranging from extremely low height (36mm) through to structures high off the ground (3m+). QwickBuild offers the most features and benefits for deck structures under 400mm in height, this includes rooftop spaces and apartment balconies. Allowing for the construction of deck structures with flush internal and external floor levels, with the convenience of transporting made-to-measure frames to the site, significantly reducing installation time on-site. The system also allows for stairs, seats, screens, and curves.

outdure-ryman-mid-install-01.jpg outdure-ryman-IMG_6648-mr.jpg outdure-ryman-IMG_6650-mr.jpg outdure-ryman-IMG_6646-mr.jpg

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