NZIOB: James Hardie Innovation Awards 2018, PrefabNZ members can enter for free

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James Hardie: Innovation Award

This award recognises an innovation that is specific to the building industry. The innovation may be; a product, a construction technique, a new design application, an emerging technology, or any other facet that has, or will, create value to the building industry.

Globally, the construction industry has historically been a poor adopter of innovation (World Economic Forum report, 2016). The James Hardie sponsored award encourages either:

  1. New techniques, technologies, products, or processes that will contribute to lifting productivity through the construction process (design, documentation, delivery), or.
  2. Embedding value in the resultant building that will be realised by either the property owner or the building inhabitants, post construction.
Very likely that there are many PrefabNZ members who have developed product or processes that tick the box for this award.

Entry is free to PrefabNZ members to enter the 'Innovation Award' category. Entries are simple, online, and close on Monday the 11th of May. To register for the Innovation category click here.

The awards evening is held at the Cordis Hotel, Auckland, on Friday the 24th of August.

For more information, click here.

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