Makers Fabrication's innovative approach to construction - simple!

Makers Fabrication - Broad Bay house

Makers Fabrication’s principles are grounded in the continual pursuit of increased efficiencies, flexibility and accuracy throughout the design, construction and extended life-time of their projects. This approach to construction is supported by technology focussed methods, where BIM (Building Information Modelling) is used in conjunction with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technologies to allow Makers Fabrication to design, develop, output, fabricate and assemble projects of varying scales with speed and precision.

The Broad Bay House is a compact 47m2 home, designed without compromising on high-quality materials and comfort. Constructed using a number of prefabricated wall panels, the design features floor to ceiling windows which create strong lines and a sense of spaciousness. The simple, open plan space also has flexibility in mind, allowing for additions to be made in the future.

Makers Fabrication’s unique way of working allowed the project to be prefabricated in Makers Fabrications’ Factory in Wellington and transported to site in remote Broad Bay, where it was completed to weathertight lock up in just under a week.

Makers Fabrication continues to work on an increasing range of innovative prefabricated and digitally manufactured projects, and their team is growing. Makers Fabrication is currently looking for an experienced, qualified LBP builder and a motivated apprentice builder to join their team. Please send expressions of interest to before 18th November.

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