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Building Performance

We’re thrilled to be sponsoring the PrefabNZ COLAB20 Innovation in Action Virtual Conference this year, in what has been a very difficult time for all of us across the industry. It’s great to see how readily everybody has adapted in a way that lets this important conference go ahead in a virtual space, and we trust you will get plenty out of being involved.

As the over-arching regulator of the building system in New Zealand, we want everyone to have safe, healthy, durable homes and buildings, supporting MBIE's goal to grow New Zealand for all. We’ve been working hard throughout the recent COVID-19 lockdown to continue our work on key building law reforms to speed up the consent process and support designers and buildings to choose the right products and use them the right way.

In the Building System Performance branch at MBIE, it’s our goal to encourage innovation. In the prefabrication space, we’re making changes to increase the availability of quality modular building components for New Zealanders – by making the process simpler for all of you in the industry.

We are designinga new certification scheme to provide an end-to-end compliance pathway for modular components manufactured offsite. The scheme will integrate with the consent process, ensuring robust quality standards for offsite construction and remove the need to duplicate compliance where there is a repeatable manufacturing process.

This scheme is an acknowledgement of the fantastic innovation shown by the offsite manufacturing construction sector. The changes will make it faster and more affordable to use prefabricated components, whilst maintaining quality standards. For example, structures that consist of a single, modular component will have a building consent process of just ten working days, rather than twenty. Ultimately, construction costs will be lower for quality modular building components and New Zealanders will benefit from more affordable housing.

If you would like to know more about what MBIE are doing to support innovation, the General Manager of Building System Performance will be speaking at the Innovation in Action conference. Further information about the building law reforms and the new manufacturer certification scheme is also available at

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