Construction Scotland Innovation Centre Lucy Black presenting at CoLab 2019

Lucy Black

Lucy Black, Head of Business Relationships at Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), will be presenting at CoLab 2019 in March. Join CoLab to hear Lucy g into depth about Building the Foundations of A Secure Offsite Industry in Scotland.

Lucy Black from CSIC will present on how coordination between industry, government and the public sector is securing a future for the growth of offsite construction in Scotland and the wider UK. Lucy will take us through the journey of this emerging industry in Scotland, articulating the challenges it has faced, the progress it is making and the strategic, technical and skills initiatives that are in place to help the industry grow quickly through collaboration to meet the challenging build and sustainability targets put in place by the Scottish Government.

Lucy joined the CSIC team as Senior Business Relationship Manager in July 2016 to work with ambitious innovative businesses within the Scottish construction industry, overseeing the development of pioneering new projects. With a career in economic development and consultancy focused on innovation and international collaboration for the last 18 years, Lucy has worked extensively with innovative companies and universities across Scotland within construction and renewable energy. Her expertise lies in building new business models based on innovation and developing strong commercialisation strategies whilst leveraging in appropriate funding. A strong networker, Lucy will work with the industry to forge new relationships between industry and academia to drive forward the Scottish construction industry to deliver higher economic growth with an international outlook.

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