KiwiBuild news and updates 2020

KiwiBuild announcements in the news

June 2020

  • Buyers ditch Wellington Kiwibuild development. Read more
  • 75m on offer for new developments. Read more
  • KiwiBuild homes completed. Read more

May 2020

  • KiwiBuild will take more than 400 years to reach original target Read more
  • Housing Minister passes responsibility for long delayed Wellington Kiwibuild development onto developer Read more

April 2020

  • KiwiBuild projects will be under pressure if housing prices start falling significantly Read more

February 2020

  • 200k empty 'ghost' houses: Why and what would get them into the market? Read more
  • Opinion: The government’s social housing strategy Read more
  • Excitement in Marfell community building as Kiwibuild homes near completion Read more
  • Housing NZ says gazumping private buyers is 'unfortunate' and won't happen again Read more
  • KiwiBuild is backing provision of high-quality affordable homes Read more
  • “Housing Minister responds to Kiwibuild criticism” Read more
  • KiwiBuild homes leave government $26 million out of pocket Read more
  • “Here's how the Government could force you to sell your house for state housing” Read more

January 2020

  • Kainga-ora borrows up big increases debt ceiling Read more
  • Look out for some big announcements from KiwiBuild and Kainga Ora Read more

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