MBIE: KiwiBuild To Deliver 100,000 Affordable, Quality Homes

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A committed 2 billion from Government for KiwiBuild, the ambitious programme aims to deliver 100,000 affordable, quality homes for first home buyers over the next decade. KiwiBuild will deliver by working with iwi, council and the private sector, establishing a home building programme and undertaking major greenfield and urban development regeneration projects.

The KiwiBuild work programme covers:

  • Converting existing Crown land and purchasing additional land from the private market, which will be on-sold to development partners who commit to delivering KiwiBuild homes
  • Purchasing or underwriting new affordable homes off the plans, to de-risk suitable developments led by the private sector and others, in exchange for accelerating a greater number of homes at KiwiBuild price points
  • Identifying and leveraging opportunities to procure KiwiBuild homes through existing Government-led housing initiatives, such as those being undertaken by Housing New Zealand
  • Doing the groundwork to enable the Housing Commission (once established) to undertake major urban redevelopment projects in partnership with iwi, councils and the private sector.

The KiwiBuild programme has initiatives across Government to streamline planning and consenting processes. Providing a catalyst for innovation in the building and construction sector to speed the pace of new developments, such as increased use of prefabrication and modular housing.

With such a huge undertaking, initial focus is likely to be on partnering with developers and builders who have development-ready proposals set for consideration. With an invite to participate in the KiwiBuild procurement process expected to be going out to market soon, interested parties should register with the Government Electronic Tenders Service to receive updates.

MBIE now has a KiwiBuild website up and running with details of the programme, news, and updates. Read more here.

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