​​​​​​​​​Kaikora District Council CLT building withstands major earthquake

Kaikora Distric Council post-quake

Kaikora District Council CLT building withstands major earthquake

After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the South Islands on 14 November 2016, a team of engineers including Gavin Roberston (Engineer), Andy Reid (Engineer) and Sam Leslie (XLam) visited the recently constructed Kaikora District Council (KDC) building to assess the impact of the Earthquake.

The KDC building is a 3-storey office comprising a Potius Floor and roof Structure, LVL beams and Columns and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) walls. The building design included 15 CLT/LVL-composed rocking shear walls, each approximately 13m high and 3.4m wide, which are post-tensioned to the foundations. Each wall was constructed with continuous Macalloy Post Tensioning Bars running down the centre.

On inspection the mass timber KDC building lived up to its reputation of earthquake resilience and performed extremely well. There was very little sign of damage, other than slight cosmetic cracking to the pavement and some movement at the joints between elements, suggesting the building has the capacity to withstand an event even larger. The KDC building was used at a post disaster HQ.

Read the full case study here: XLam_CLT_Case_Study_KDC_0.pdf

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