Innovation Park in the pipeline

PrefabNZ is working hard to bring an Innovation Park to the Canterbury region. High-quality, well-designed, sustainable show-homes that are assembled from prefab parts will be displayed side-by-side and be for sale directly from this site, much like a shop-front. The purpose of this Innovation Park is to showcase permanent, high-design, environmentally sustainable buildings that are produced using prefab and offsite construction technologies.

This Park proposal is in direct response to the devastating Canterbury earthquakes, the urgent need for high-quality permanent buildings and the very real need for local manufacturers to maintain their businesses. Prefab buildings are ideally placed to respond to this situation as they can deliver built solutions on-time, on-budget, at high-quality design and with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Information about the Innovation Park opportunity will be relayed directly to Members first Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments


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