Housing Crisis: National's action plan

In the lead up to PrefabNZ's Housing Crisis panel on 7th September and the general election, we invited each political party to provide an overview of their housing action plan. Here Hon. Amy Adams, Minister for Social Housing National Party outlines their proposal.

We asked for submissions to these three questions:

1. What is your party's perceived problem with the housing market in NZ?

2. What is your party's intended response post-election (not what is happening now)

3. How will your party embrace and encourage innovative housing delivery as part of the solution?

Freeing up land for housing is one of the top priorities for this Govt. This is increasingly being achieved with initiatives such as the Crown Land Programme, Housing Accords, Special Housing Areas and amendments to the Resource Management Act. We are in the middle of a home construction boom with record numbers of building consents being issued, the resolution of the issues over the Three Kings and Point England developments within the last month will help maintain this positive momentum.

As the Government of the day, we are proud of what we’ve achieved as outlined in question 1. We will be announcing our relevant policies during the election campaign.

Our ongoing programme of reforms to the Unit Titles Act, Urban Development Authorities and the Building Act, as well as our own ambitious building programme will help encourage innovative delivery of housing.

To hear more and compare party action plans, please come to the Housing Crisis Panel, 7 September. To date no representative for the National Party is available to participate in the panel More information and register here

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