Helping to fill the gap in affordable housing


Mike Fox, director of EasyBuild House Packs and PrefabNZ Board Member, has recently returned from a fact-finding trip to Scandinavia where he visited prefabricated house manufacturers in Sweden.

Sweden is a world leader in prefabricated building. It pioneered this type of construction and made it successful on a scale that few other countries have matched. After spending time there, Mike believes it is reassuring that what is being done here in New Zealand is not that far behind, and this much-needed solution is helping to fill the gap in affordable New Zealand housing, whilst producing may more homes with the same amount of resources.

"It is reassuring that what is being done here in New Zealand is not that far behind"

In Sweden, after years of trialling, they appreciate that it is more efficient to carry out finishing work such as plumbing, electrical and painting onsite rather than in the factories. EasyBuild’s prefabrication of wall panels, pre-cut components and the portal framing system allows easy onsite manufacturing and provides a unique method of home building which is changing the way we build houses onsite.

All EasyBuild designs fully comply with the NZ Building Code and are designed to withstand NZ conditions including coastal regions, very high wind zones, wet areas and earthquake-prone regions.

Clients say they chose EasyBuild not only because of the spacious, warm houses but because of the surety of the product. The same quality product is produced repeatedly and that is comforting.

EasyBuild’s ethos is to provide healthy houses, with less waste and reduced environmental impact. There is no formaldehyde used in the construction of their house packs.

Unlike most traditional kitset homes, all EasyBuild homes include a rigid air barrier and a ventilated cavity, helping to make them warmer, stronger and more resistant to water ingress.

Once the decision to build a new home has been made, the idea of a lengthy wait for building consent is frustrating. With an EasyBuild, all the designs have a national multiple-use approval (MultiProof) which means the plans and specifications comply with the Building Code and building consent should be issued within 10 days. Reduced building consent time frames mean building can start and finish quicker, allowing happy clients to move into their new home quicker.

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