Better Health, Safety, Environment and Quality with offsite construction

Arrow International's offsite construction site

As with all construction work there is a strong correlation between build quality and safety, getting it right first time dramatically reduces risk and maximises ROI by maintaining schedule and minimising defects. This truth is further reinforced by utilising offiste construction methods.

Specifically, from a HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) perspective there are many advantages in modular construction which are not limited to:

Health & Safety:

·Easier to monitor safety in a “factory” environment;

·Complex assembly is carried out at ground level;

·Work at Height is virtually eliminated;

·Virtual elimination of multiple trades working in a tight space;

·Reduced slips, trips and falls;

·Reduction in manual handling;

·Workers are not exposed to the elements.

Environmental impacts:

·Shorter site presence thereby reducing the impact on the local environment;

·Rapid and quieter site construction;

·Less site waste.


·Built offsite under controlled conditions using the same materials to the same codes & standards i.e. Easier to assure build quality in a “factory” environment;

·Inspection and test greatly simplified;

·Materials are inspected on receipt and stored without exposure to the elements;

·Commissioning and acceptance testing more effectively and efficiently carried out.

Offsite construction is the only construction method which enables construction and site preparation to proceed simultaneously thus reducing the project schedule without compromising and actually enhancing HSEQ performance. Andrew Rimington, Arrow International.

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