​Holmes Solutions Success with Evidence Based Design

​Holmes Solutions Success with Evidence Based Design

Anyone close to the construction industry is keenly aware of the pressure it’s under. With low growth, high costs, changing methodology and the need to satisfy increasingly strict regulations, the mantra truly is “adapt or die”.

Holmes Solutions, keep their clients - and the industry - moving forward by developing and testing ground-breaking products and systems. The best way to do this is through Evidence-based Design.

What is Evidence-based Design?

Evidence-based Design is proving the effectiveness of products and systems by thoroughly testing and refining them. Testing ideas at every stage of the design process helps reduce waste and creates savings for Homes Solutions clients.

Holmes Solutions world-class testing facilities put products and systems through their paces, extracting real data to find value that might otherwise be missed. Simulations and analysis are useful tools, but nothing speaks the truth like physical test results.

Approval agencies trust real data over theoretical models and predictions. Holmes Solutions use data to go beyond opinion and provide proof of performance, making it easier for clients to achieve compliance and gain market acceptance.

Click here to watch PrefabNZ Board Member Tim Porter (one of Holmes Solutions construction gurus) speak about Reducing Waste Through Evidence-Based Design.

The Benefits:

  • Reduce waste: Test products and systems to make sure they are built as efficiently as possible.
  • Optimise cost: Reduce cost without compromising results – or safety.
  • Re-engineer systems: Re-engineer underperforming structures, products or systems for market success.
  • Reduce risk: Prove compliance with codes and standards so you can enter the market quickly, and with confidence.
  • Market acceptance: Approval agencies trust real data. Having proven test results helps get your product to market.

Holmes Solutions are product development engineers with offices in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. They love helping their clients succeed. Their success is Holmes Solutions success.

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