EasyBuild - Great value and quality & spacious modern designs

EasyBuild’s innovative solution for the NZ housing market is changing the way we build houses and providing more New Zealanders access to quality affordable homes. This much-needed solution will help fill the gap in affordable New Zealand housing.

The modern designs, combined with the unique on-site construction method, makes an EasyBuild new home truly affordable. All EasyBuild designs fully comply with the NZ Building Code and are designed to withstand NZ conditions including coastal regions, very high wind zones, wet areas and earthquake prone regions.

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Partially pre-constructed in the Masterton factory, EasyBuild House Packs’ are manufactured to a high degree of prefabrication. They are then flat packed into containers and delivered to sites throughout the country. Our preferred builders then erect them on site or builders or homeowners can purchase their own pack.

The network of EasyBuild builders, know all the tips and tricks to get great homes built on-site, in the most cost-effective manner. Being able to use semiskilled labour to bolster their teams allows them to double the output with the same resources.

Unlike most traditional kitset homes, all EasyBuild homes include a rigid air barrier and a ventilated cavity, helping to make them stronger and more resistant to water ingress.

A range of one to four-bedroom designs are available, as well as a community hall or classroom design. All models two-bedroom and above, can include the addition of a single or double garage and all models can be duplexed.

All EasyBuild designs are pre-consented by MBIE, greatly reducing the building consent process. Together with build efficiencies that ensure much faster on-site construction, including partially pre-constructed packs and pre-cut components, this often means the build can be completed in as little as 10 weeks.

EasyBuild’s ethos is to provide healthy houses, with less waste and reduced environmental impact. There is no formaldehyde used in the construction of their house packs. They are proud to partner with social housing providers and are currently building twenty-five affordable rental homes at Wesley Rātā Village in Naenae.

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