PrefabNZ interactive display brought to you by Unitec at BuildNZ / Designex show

PrefabNZ interactive display brought to you by Unitec at BuildNZ / Designex show

This year at the buildNZ/ designex FREE event you can visit the PrefabNZ Interactive Display, brought to you by UNITEC and supported by PrefabNZ Partners; CarterHoltHarvey Woodproducts, Apex Wiring Solutions, Colorsteel and Altus. The interactive display has been designed and manufactured by students from Unitec’s Architecture programmes as part of a mixed-year project, overseen by architecture lecturer and project supervisor Yusef Patel.

The design brief was to create a feature that encouraged interaction using modern digital technologies and standard materials to design, plan, test and manufacture the display - all fabricated offsite of course! Its simple to assemble with slot together pieces, can be disassembled to a flat-pack state for transportation and storage. Its a real glimpse of the future.

This innovative project required collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders to deliver a progressive and beautiful design. The display pod creates an environment for interaction between the audience and the structure. It is intended to generate conversation and feedback with individuals and the wider audience.

The facade is of particular interest, with details that utilise the surface area for physical interactions. The triangular geometric cut outs create a shadowed pattern inside with direct and indirect light.

Visitors at buildnz/ designex are invited to participate in a ‘conversation’ with the PrefabNZ Interactive Display and experience the future of our built world brought to you by Unitec.

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