CADPRO Systems to demonstrate Virtual Reality at CoLab

All too often, engineers and architects assume customers and prospects can read technical drawings. The reality is that technical drawings are a foreign language to many and they often cause prospective clients to become disengaged with the design process. Many alternatives have been found, like computer generated renderings, but nothing compares with the totally immersive experience of virtual reality.

Peter Crawley, Autodesk Senior Manufacturing Technical Specialist & South Island Area Manager for CADPRO Systems.

Peter will be explaining how to use VR to engage prospective clients on a whole new level at CoLab conference.

After learning AutoCAD 2.6 whilst studying Manufacturing Systems at Coventry University in the UK, Peter realised that digital design and manufacturing was the future. Having gained over ten years industry experience in the UK, he moved to New Zealand in 2003 to work for CADPRO Systems. In 2005 he became involved in a design project which later broke the World Land Speed record for a motorbike and sidecar. In 2012, the SAHMRI project (fa├žade design for Adelaide hospital) consumed 18 months during which he and a team of others designed a factory-built panelised steel & glass cladding system for one of the most complex and beautiful facades in Australasia.

See the full programme and book at the PrefabNZ CoLab event page.

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