Builtin - finding a solution to financing prefab at CoLab

Jim Rickard, Owner and Director of BuiltIn

Financing for prefabrication, especially for first-time buyers has been in the news recently. Jim Rickard, owner and Director of Builtin is coming to CoLab to discuss some options.

Jim is owner and director of Builtin New Zealand, a specialist provider of insurance and guarantees for the construction industry. Jim is joining us at CoLab to discuss some options to more forward, making prefabrication more accessible.

Jim’s insurance experience dates back more than 40 years and includes commercial broking and underwriting interests. His prior activities include joint ventures with Vero underwriting commercial motor insurance and a partnership with the Certified Builders Association to launch New Zealand’s first independently-insured 10 year builders guarantee. Jim is a Qualified Insurance Broker and Fellow of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand.

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