Dr Ljudmila Koprivec to present at CoLab: BIM - a positive change to construction

Dr Ljudmila Koprivec

Dr Koprivec will share her professional experience in applying BIM to prefabricated building and discuss future BIM processes.

Dr Koprivec is focused on a project with University of Sydney industry partner Modulum Homes, entitled: The Next Generation of Digitally Fabricated Housing. The research deals with a range of complex issues in an around prefabricated housing, including: the provision of more affordable housing and BIM implementation, which can contribute to a positive change in the construction industry. BIM holds many advantages that are in accord with prefabricated building methods: high level of accuracy, high quality, less construction waste and the possibility for global collaboration.

She is currently working as a Postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney in the Innovation in Applied Design Lab. Her role is part of the ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre (IC15) initiative. The Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing (ARC-CAMPH) aims to unlock the potential growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry by creating a co-operative training system between industry and universities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Curtin and Monash Universities.

Dr Ljudmila Koprivec is from Slovenia. She studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, where she graduated in 2004 and finished her PhD studies in 2009. From 2009 to 2016, she has worked with Trimo, carrying out R&D projects with industry. Her scientific and research work covers the contemporary building envelope, new materials and modern technologies.

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