'Disruptive' report duo confirmed as CoLab keynote speakers

Melissa Clark-Reynolds and Dr Antony Pelosi are THE disruption duo. In 2016, Melissa and Ant undertook a study for BRANZ about disruption in the construction sector which has started a wave of disruption dialogue - 'When did Disruption becoming a good thing?' BRANZ see here

Melissa has had 2 Fast50 companies and three AsiaPac Fast 500s. She loves to blow stuff up and think creatively about how to find new solutions to old problems. Melissa became a Professional Director after 25 years experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of a number of Technology companies. She is on a Governor of Radio NZ, sits on the Boards of ACCURO Jasmax, and Softed. Melissa is a Member of MPI's Primary Growth Partnership Investment Advisory Panel and Chairs the LINZ Risk & Audit Committee. Last year she has taken courses at Stanford, Harvard and became certified as a Foresight Practitioner with the Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley. She also holds a NZOM - New Zealand Order of Merit.

Dr Pelosi is a general specialist at Victoria University of Wellington. He as an impressive ability to identify critical issues and represent positive change through a holistic sustainable design led approach. His passion is improving the well-being of buildings and the people living within them. Ant says "My aim is to make things better, through design. ... My research practice aims to expose known and unknown issues that lead to unknown solutions. I achieve this by having empathy for people beyond what they think they want, considering the well-being of people and the connected ecologies in which we live."

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