Prof. James Murray-Parkes presenting at CoLab 2019

Prof. James Murray-Parkes

James is Brookfield Scientific Solutions Director of Science & Engineering. He is an innovative, multi-disciplined scientist and engineering professional offering a broad range of expertise, experience and leadership.

James has a new book to launch at CoLab 2019 called 'How to design a structure'. Based on a breakdown of the 320 projects completed in the last six years, and 1170 projects he has designed over his 30 year career. These include international stadiums, skyscrapers and prefabricated structures. PrefabNZ's CoLab will be hosting an interactive workshop, in which James provides an overview of the book and is bound to be as fun and informative as ever.

James and his team offer complete, end-to-end design solutions, forensic investigation, technical strategy, design concepts, technical peer review and standards and code interpretations. With his vast experience earned mainly through his tireless work in forensic engineering, high load structural connection failure investigation and remedial design, James’ unique connection designs are at the forefront of assembly and subassembly manufacture in not only the construction industry, but also the defense, automotive and energy sectors, which have all benefited greatly from his innovations.

James is widely considered by his peers and former clients to be a world leader in high load structural connection design. He is heavily focused on continual research and development and challenging the existing paradigms of engineering. Complementing a long history as a connection design engineer, James is also the instigator and co-founder of the Australian Engineered Fasteners & Anchors Council (AEFAC) based at Swinburne University of Technology and is the instigator and co-founder of the Modular Construction Codes Board (MCCB) based at Monash University.

James has previously held Fellowships at several highly ranked universities and has been consistently engaged by numerous world ranked firms. Recently, James was the second person in history to be awarded the prestigious Professor of Practice appointment at Monash University as part of the University’s ongoing commitment to industry participation and science & engineering betterment.

James has influenced and/or been responsible for over 30 patents and more than 750 major projects. James is a passionate innovator and now applies his skills at Brookfield Scientific Solutions Group.

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, it's THE prefab and offsite event not-to-be-missed. 13 - 15 March 2019, Auckland. More information on the programme here.

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