CoLab 2018 first international presenter revealed: Prof. James Murray-Parkes

PROF. JAMES MURRAY-PARKES Science & Engineering Director

Scientific Solutions Group

Multiplex Engineering Innovations Group
Architectural Physics
Technical Handbook Council

James is the director and founder of Scientific. His passion is to ensure that physics is applied at the heart of the design process, thereby introducing efficiencies and helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment. He specialises in unique bespoke designs and mathematical innovations, constantly challenging the status quo.

He's not just a great wrangler of modular expertise, he is also an incredible mathematician, structural engineer, guardian of nurturing future talent, designer of everything from world-record-holding motorbike engines to Perth Stadium's incredible '20T on a point-load' structural system, so says Pamela Bell, CEO of PrefabNZ...

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, its THE prefab and offsite event not-to-be missed. #CoLab2018, 7 - 9 March, Auckland. More information on speakers, programme, site visits will be added here.

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