Homestar V4 tailored to those building multiple units - such as prefab providers

NZ Greeb Building Council, Homestar to be explored at CoLab 2018

PrefabNZ is pleased to welcome Sam Archer, from the NZGBC, to CoLab to provide further information on Homestar during our Member Workshop on Friday 9 March.

NZGBC logo-homestar-md.pngNZGBC has launched Homestar V4 in 2017, an update on their standards to assess a new homes' sustainability and energy efficiency, a high rating signifies a better healthy home. This version is fundamentally different, being tailored to those building multiple units such as prefab providers, with reduced costs. This comes as the new Government supports building above building code. Currently 20,000 homes are confirmed for Homestar, and this is likely to keep growing as awareness of healthy homes increases.

Homestar assesses new homes, from stand-alone houses of all styles to multi-unit buildings. Everyone from tenants to property developers can improve home performance and sustainability. NZGBC has homestar qualified Architects, Designers, Builders and Developers, all information is available on their website here

Supported by central government, NZGBC is offering free assessments of plans against the Homestar standard, opening up the higher building standard assessment. There is also renewed focus in New Zealand on the Paris Agreement on climate change action means it is getting hard and harder to justify not proving the energy efficiency standard at the built stage.

It is more important than ever to have information on a home's sustainability and performance, as our communities become denser and we live in closer proximity to one another, better standards for our homes ensure improved sound insulation, lower bills, more warmth and better health outcomes for New Zealanders.

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