Next-gen research leaders presenting at CoLab: Prof Robyn Phipps


Professor Robyn Phipps worked in architectural practice, prior to joining Massey University. In the past two decades, she has researched healthy and sustainable buildings, including the health and environmental effects of domestic heating, the design of healthy buildings, low energy buildings, ventilation in homes, schools and early childhood facilities, mould in buildings, health effects from fluorescent lighting and universal design. She is also researching topics on the health and safety of construction workers. She is a Co-Director of a team that won the 2004 Prime Minister’s Science Prize for a Research Team for their transformational research on housing and health. She is a Director (Research and Policy) for the New Zealand Green Building Council.

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, its THE prefab and offsite event at the heart of innovative construction #CoLab2018, 7 - 9 March, Auckland. More information on session leaders, programme, site visits and registration click here.

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