Ms. Leong-Kok is a Director at Building and Construction Authority, Singapore to present at CoLab!

Leong-Kok Su-Ming, BCA, CoLab 2018

The transformation of Singapore’s Built Environment involves building more effectively and sustainably through a highly integrated and technologically advanced industry. Singapore is shifting towards a design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) approach where buildings can be delivered faster, safer and friendlier to the environment. DfMA harnesses design rationalisation to maximise off-site fabrication and optimise on-site construction. The presentation covers Singapore’s co-ordinated efforts and journey towards delivering higher productivity and quality standards through DfMA. Key measures to establish a robust DfMA ecosystem - to generate demand, ensure supply, build capabilities as well as foster a pro-active regulatory regime will be shared.

Leong-Kok Su Ming is Deputy Group Director, Construction Productivity and Quality, Director, Planning & Innovation, Building & Construction Authority, Singapore.

Su-Ming’s role is to lead, drive & facilitate transformative changes to design and construction in the building industry, leading to enhanced productivity, and higher quality; underpinning the national drive for improved competiveness globally. She oversees the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive suite of policy packages to drive a sustained eco-system in support of advanced technologies and innovations. In addition, Su-Ming has strategic oversight of efforts to drive high quality standards within the built environment to meet the aspirations of society.

Prior to this, Su-Ming served in roles overseeing the formulation and administration of environmental sustainability legislation as well as green building standards for Singapore. She also oversaw the development of building professionals through a suite of capability development programmes at the BCA Academy, the education and research arm of the Building and Construction Authority.

She is a Registered Architect and currently serves on the Professional Practice Examination Panel on the Board of Architects. She is also a member of the Professional Consultative Committee at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore. Prior to joining BCA, Su-Ming was practicing as a Senior Architect with CPG Consultants, involved in a variety of institutional building

projects including Terminal 3, Singapore Changi Airport.

She holds a Master of Studies Degree in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge, a Master of Science Degree in Real Estate, a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and a Bachelor of Arts Degree, all from the National University of Singapore.

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