Dr Bernadette Pinnell to lead discussions at CoLab

CoLab-Dr. Bernadette-Pinnell

Dr Bernadette Pinnell is General Manager of Compass Housing Services a not for profit Community Housing Organisation. She has a background in Urban and Regional Planning and spent 15years in Sydney where she led the social sustainability agenda with the NSW government. She completed industry research on the sustainability value proposition of different construction materials and examined the lifecycle of development projects to understand how sustainability factors were valued by investors, designers, builders, owners and tenants in commercial and residential buildings.

She believes there are lessons there for the sector in NZ in creating change.

As a manager of a Community housing organisation she is interested in the lifecycle of the homes. Balancing long term construction with operational maintenance, durability, accessibility, and liveability. Social housing tenants are concerned with energy costs, sound insulation, and amenity; as social housing tenants spend more time at home than any other residents and tenants.

The discussion will focus on balancing what might be seen as competing objectives over the short, medium and long term of the properties.

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