CoLab 2019 Craig Chatman from ARKit confirmed speaker!

Craig Chatman ARKit

Speaking at Colab 2019 is Craig Chatman, Director of ARKit Pty Ltd and Offsite Constructions Pty Ltd and is a registered architect and builder. A keen interest in progressing architectural thinking to include the assembly and construction methodology of buildings resulted in the establishment of ARKit as a prefabricated design build group. Craig has twenty years’ experience in the design and delivery of residential and commercial projects in Australia and overseas.ARKit’s philosophy is founded on the delivery of intelligent building solutions that minimise impact on the environment.

ARKit’s offers an integrated approach to design and construction that considers the life cycle analysis, operational and embodied energy of a building and its components. Through careful consideration of these elements negative impacts on the environment caused by construction can be reduced.

Unwilling for the traditional constraints of prefabrication to limit design, ARKit in conjunction with leading engineer firm GHD, developed a panelised and modular building system enabling the benefits of prefabrication to be applied to any building form or type.

ARKit’s focus is to create beautiful buildings through the seamless integration of architecture and high performance engineering.

The values of collaboration, innovation and quality are central to ARKit’s relationships with its clients and their project requirements.

Design and Build

As an architect led practice, a focus on design is central to everything we do. We carefully assess and individually approach the design process for each project.

We collaborate with our clients to discover their requirements, analyse the site and develop an optimum design response to the project. Our modular building and panelised construction systems have been developed to allow us to explore endless design possibilities in the application of prefabricated building outcomes. We value innovation and enjoy working with clients to explore prefabricated applications for a variety of building types.

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