CoLab Member's workshop expert - Dr Vicente Gonzalez, The University of Auckland


Dr. Vicente Gozalez is an engineering decision-making and lean construction expert. Since 2004, he has been developing his research and industry experience in construction, engineering, and mining. Vicente has held industry roles as construction and structural engineer, mining supply chain management manager, and consultant. In academia, he has held the position of university lecturer in Latin America, Israel and New Zealand. He has developed research and consulting in lean construction, production planning and control, productivity and performance improvement, development of engineering decision-making aid tools, computer and virtual applications in civil engineering and construction, and sustainability. Vicente is a prolific author in lean construction, construction engineering and management, and civil engineering topics. He has also created the Lean-Based Simulation Game for Construction (LEBSCO), which integrates the Last Planner System (LPS) methodology and Lean Production principles for construction and engineering firms. LEBSCO is freely distributed to universities and organisations worldwide and it is currently used by 8 universities and 4 organisations (consultancy, motor and construction firms) in countries spread in the Americas, Europe and Israel. He has a long lasting involvement with the international group for Lean Construction (IGLC), as a researcher, speaker, and editor.

He is also director of the Engineering VR/AR Lab and the Advanced Computing and Virtual Technologies in Construction (ACVTC) Research Group.

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