Rosie Toogood, CEO of L&G Modular Homes UK to lead session at CoLab

CoLab presenter Rosie Toogood

Legal & General is a huge UK insurance firm. In 2016 they launched a business to deliver 3,500 precision-engineered homes a year at the largest prefab housing factory in the world (550,000 sq. ft.) These homes include build-to-rent, build-to-sell, retirement and social housing.

"The UK has been building homes the same way for decades, primarily through manual labour on-site, but labour shortages and a systemic undersupply of new homes means modern techniques are required. Homes will be precision-engineered from a globally renowned material, cross-laminated timber, and the whole process automated." Sound familiar and where we're heading?

Rosie Toogood, previous CEO of Rolls Royce and now CEO of L&G Modular Homes will share why L&G got involved and what they are doing that NZ should do You'd better come to CoLab!

CoLab is the anticipated annual conference of PrefabNZ, its THE prefab and offsite event at the heart of innovative construction #CoLab2018, 7 - 9 March, Auckland. More information on session leaders, programme, site visits and registration click here.

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