Prefabricated LVL Modules for TCC Floors

CHH Prefabricated LVL Modules for TCC Floors

Timber Concrete Composite (TCC) floors represent a move to optimise the advantages of both Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) beams and a concrete screed/slab, combined using defined connection methods to provide composite action. Although only practically introduced to New Zealand in 2012, concrete screeds have been added to timber floors for decades in Europe where the natural weight of concrete has been used to provide acoustic benefits. A natural progression is to provide a structural connection between the screed and the timber joists, allowing for an optimised structural solution with acoustic, fire and optimisation benefits.

The TCC Floor Guide, developed through the Structural Timber Innovation Company (STIC), provides design guidelines in relation to strength, stiffness and fire design. These guidelines have been applied to develop the TCC floors module in Carter Holt Harvey’s all purpose beams analysis software package computeIT for Beams, that enables engineers to develop design solutions for a range of Engineered Wood Products, and also applied in the development of the span tables contained within this guide.

The Theory

Adopted from Eurocode 5, the TCC floor design methodology models the interaction between the concrete and the timber using “gamma” coefficients by developing a relative stiffness for the overall cross-section for use in analysis. These coefficients have then been validated through testing for short term and long term loads. Analysis of the composite section is then completed in accordance with the relevant design standards. Specific duration of load factors and natural frequency (dynamic) equations have been developed based on an empirical methodology.

Futurebuild LVL TCC Features and Benefits

Futurebuild LVL TCC floors have a number of features and benefits for end-users, builders, designers and building owners alike. They include:

  • Concrete screed for enhanced acoustic attenuation
  • LVL for strength, stiffness and inherent fire resistance*
  • Established, tested and proven performance
  • computeIT design software for performance optimisation
  • Lightweight, enabling use of conventional timber framing support *
  • Easy to install, no specialist equipment required
  • Cost effective *

* Subject to design considerations

For the full Futurebuild LVL TCC Floor guide or for more information on Futurebuild products, software and services visit or call 0800 808 131.

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