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Built Offsite is prefabAUS's publication dedicated to offsite construction. Launched at the pefabAUS Conference in Sydney in October 2016, Built Offsite is expertly put together by Boston Publishing. Built Offsite is now a digitial magazine.

Built Offsite - Issue 20 CLT: from problem site to high end hospitality Read here

Built Offsite - Issue 19 Read here

Built Offsite - Issue 18 December 2019 Instilling a health and safety culture read here

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Built Offsite - Issue 17 October 2019 read here

Built Offsite - Issue 16 July 2019. CoLab 2019 reflections read here

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Built Offsite - Issue 15 May 2019. From policy to program. The terminator hidden in construction contracts, PrefabNZ Pamela Bell reports here

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Built Offsite - Issue 14 March 2019. Building Impetus: Construction companies + offsite. NZ's bid to boost mid-rise timber, PrefabNZ Pamela Bell reports here

Built Offsite - Issue 13 Jan 2018. Occupying a focal position in the construction supply chain, developers seem well placed to drive offset solutions. New Zealand design awards forge path to value, PrefabNZ Pamela Bell reports here.

Built Offsite - Issue 12 December 2018. There are abiding question marks around the issue of product substitution and compliance, as well as the effect of international incursion on the endeavours of local operators. Offshore offsite- Learning from NZ's experience, PrefabNZ Pamela Bell reports here

Built Offsite - Issue 11 October 2018. Markers for the growing uptake of mass timber and a new feature the Built Offsite Forum Series. KiwiBuild + creative panelised solutions, PrefabNZ CEO Pamela Bell reports here

Built Offsite - Issue 10 July 2018. The elimination of silos through collaboration in the offsite industry emerges as a strong theme. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on The Power Of A Collaborative Platform here

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Built Offsite - Issue 9 May 2018. Population growth and new approaches to learning have fostered innovation in the area of education building delivery, with prefab and offsite solutions positioned to meet burgeoning demand. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on NZ's Home Building Challenge + The Swedish Example here

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Built Offsite - Issue 8 March 2018. A new housing category offers affordable certainty for home-seekers and a possible opportunity for the offsite construction sector. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on On-site Learnings For Offsite Innovations here

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Built Offsite - Issue 7 December 2017. First there was mechanisation, then mass production, then automation and now: the fourth industrial revolution, or ‘Industry 4.0’. Enmeshing digital data with physical output and underpinned by the internet, 4.0 thinking is already seeing construction aligning with digitally developed industries, demonstrated most clearly by the use of building information modelling (BIM). Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on Solving The Skills Riddle here


Built Offsite - Issue 6 October 2017. Modernise or die.... but how? With its echo of Darwin's immortal 'adapt and survive' precept, the title of the UK review, authored last year by the 2017 PrefabAUS conference international keynote speaker Mark Farmer, is a rallying cry for the offsite industry. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on Colour Imbues Prefab With Life + Originality here


Built Offsite - Issue 5 July 2017. As this fifth issue of Built Offsite was being laid out, a report pinged into my inbox showing that Manufactured Housing Estates (MHEs) look set to be a key property growth market over the next decade. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on Power Partnerships here

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Built Offsite - Issue 4 May 2017. The main feature on finance demonstrates a dramatic re-think on funding is needed if the sector is to flourish. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on Collaboration For Innovative Construction here.

Built offsite issue 3 - March 2017. This issue’s look at how offsite construction is responding to the pressing needs of the German market puts the efforts of Australia’s nascent sector into perspective. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on Bringing Smarter Products To The Market here.

Built offsite issue 2 - December 2016. In the second issue of the magazine, we’re tackling a little topic called design. This is no mean feat! Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on WOOD: A Natural (and sustainable) Fit For NZ's Prefab Sector here.

Built offsite issue 1- October 2016. The growing momentum of Australia’s offsite construction industry will affect virtually every aspect of construction, transforming the way buildings are conceived, designed, initiated, delivered and maintained. Reflective of this, "Built Offsite" will be a collaborative and resonant voice that will speak to all the professions and players in the building industry. Read PrefabNZ's CEO Pamela Bell's article on A Trans-Tasman Perspective here

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