Building Amendment Bill - First Reading

Click to see the first reading in Parliament here and here

This bill amends the Building Act 2004. In doing so, it will lift the efficiency and quality of building work and provide fairer outcomes if things go wrong. The bill has two parts. The first part amends the Building Act 2004; the second part makes consequential amendments to other legislation. The changes made under the first part of the bill can be grouped into five categories: first, strengthening the existing product certification scheme known as CodeMark; second, creating a new scheme for modern methods of construction; third, better information for building products and methods; fourth, improved offences and penalties; and fifth, expanding the ways the building levy can be used. Collectively, the changes in this bill will support the building sector to shift to new, more effective ways of working, to help support productivity improvements, to lift efficiency and quality of building work, and to improve trust and confidence in the building regulatory system.Read more here

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