Bliss & Reels launches Randek ZeroLabor Robotic system

ZeroLabour Robotic  System

Local distributor, Bliss & Reels, are excited to be able to launch the ZeroLabour Robotic System.

Jason Reints from Bliss & Reels said, “This system is a fantastic addition to the range. Initial customer interest has been to use the robotics in conjunction with Randek’s AutoWall high speed framing production lines, and with Randek’s ‘Complete System’ closed wall panel production lines.”

The Randek Zero Labour system can achieve by robotics:

• Gluing prior to sheet placement

• Sheet handling with vacuum gripper system

• Fastening of sheets by screwing, stapling or nailing

• Sawing or routing of openings for electrical wiring, plumbing, windows, or doors.

• Waste handling for plasterboard, OSB/Plywood, Fibre cement sheets

• Marking of components using an inkjet printer

The system is designed to be customised to suit individual production needs based on the customer’s component designs and throughput requirements.

Bliss & Reels are the exclusive sales & service partner for the Randek production systems in New Zealand & Australia.

For further information please call +61 3 9850 6666 or email

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