Building Better Homes, Townes and Cities, National Science Challenge

National Science Challenge Framework whare

The goal is to create distinctly Kiwi homes, towns and cities that offer a greater choice of living styles, nurture our sense of community and enable us all to live well.

This is the 11th and final of the governments National Science Challenges to be launched and involves a consortium of researchers from universities, crown research institutes, local government, the building industry, and private research organisations.

The Challenge parties will partner with industry, iwi, local and central government, and communities to deliver robust evidence and improve end-to-end industry and regulatory processes.

The overall objective is to improve the quality and supply of housing and create smart and attractive urban environments through:

  • An improved housing stock;
  • Meeting future demand for affordable housing;
  • Taking up innovation and productivity improvement opportunities;
  • Better systems for improved land-use decisions.

The goal is to provide evidence, tools, new insights and inspiration co-created with the building sector, householders, building owners and communities. It will ensure that these stakeholders take the initiative and improve their own environments in a way not currently possible.

The last Strategic Research Area, Kāinga Tahi Kāinga Rua, is open. This contestable round seeks to address the following high-level research question:

- How do we collaboratively finance, design and build developments, with buy-in from multiple stakeholders, in ways that overcome discriminatory policy, legislative barriers and actively support Māori aspirations and needs for long term affordable, healthy housing?Expression of Interests (EOI) due (noon) 5 May 2017, Full proposals due (noon) 2 June 2017.

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