ARDEX NZ Have Created The Next Generation of Waterproofing Membranes


Whether it is a commercial complex with hundreds of wet area rooms or a single bedroom flat with only one bathroom. No matter the project, installers and developers want to maximize their resources and save on time and money, whilst of course receiving a premium quality finish. For these reasons ARDEX New Zealand have spent years designing, creating and testing a thin rubber membrane which can easily be installed under tiles for waterproofing wet areas.

ARDEX WPM 750 is the trusted watertight solution for all kitchen, bathroom and laundry needs. New Zealand’s most secure under tile waterproofing system is a heat-welded rubber sheet waterproofing solution that is not only safe and secure with a 15-year material warranty but can also fast-track project completion time.

Unlike liquid waterproofing membranes, ARDEX WPM 750 Under-tile Sheet Membrane gives a thin and consistent 0.5mm waterproofing gauge with no need to wait for liquids to dry. Solvent-free adhesive is first applied, followed by the membrane — rather like hanging wallpaper — and tiling with suitable ARDEX adhesives can commence just one hour after the membrane is installed. ARDEX WPM 750 is suitable for use on a variety of substrates and can be used internally on both walls and floors and should be installed by an ARDEX Approved Applicator.

A fleece on both sides of the fabric helps with tile application, while still excelling in durability and waterproofing capabilities. The fibre also acts as a decoupling layer making this an ideal solution in prefabricate modules and transportable buildings as any vibration or shock during transportation will be reduced, removing significant risk and damage to the completed waterproofing and tile system.

The laps of the membrane are heat-welded using a Leister Hot Air Gun to ensure limited application error and that all laps are securely joined, creating a fail-safe waterproofed area. ARDEX WPM 750 has undergone rigorous testing and far exceeds the requirements of an under-tile waterproofing membrane in both NZ and Australia. This is backed up by obtaining BRANZ Appraisal (No 727) and is also included in the Warmup Wetroom BRANZ Appraisal for use with their under-tile heating systems.

Architects and developers are already specifying the ARDEX WPM 750 membrane, with the most recent project already been completed. The $36 million-dollar renovation of the Wellington Airport Rydges Hotel specified ARDEX WPM 750 in 130 bathrooms, showers and the main entranceway. With of 2100m2 installed and completed in 2019, the Rydges Hotel atmosphere has premium performance values embedded in their very structural roots. ARDEX WPM750 when used in conjunction with a full ARDEX tile system can qualify for a system ARDEX warranty.

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