Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA

Mulholland Drive prefab render by Architex

A composite modular surrounding curve frames a structural grid of vertically and horizontally interchangeable wall, floor and roof planes. Any combination of these can be dialled up and programmed to suit the brief of the moment. The screen perforates in varying degrees in response to climate, specific views, the hillside and the encroaching interaction with sightseers by day and night. Solar roofs follow the sun while OLED panels articulate, enclose and control the internal spaces.

The varying concrete materiality and digital lighting animates the residential or social activity which then connects with or recedes from the site as required. Versatility of space and volume abounds and dominates extending a future proof lifespan - while technological adaptability results in a fully sustainable solution. The evolving animated forms sculpturally complement this iconic Hollywood context.

Architex now has an office in L.A. See

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