Determination for alternative solutions

Designing from scratch, specific to a site and its orientation can be problematic within the Building Code. Alternatives are possible, PrefabNZ Members have many examples, here is one from PrefabNZ Members Adam Taylor Architecture.

The infill coastal site had stringent planning rules around coverage and use which posed a challenge. After In depth research and applied knowledge of efficient use of space, an alternate design solution was presented for a 5 bedroom, multi living dwelling on a 127m2 footprint. It incorporated a space saving samba stair and mezzanine. This stair design wasn'tcovered by the NZ Building Code, which meant the stair was one of a select few, located around the country.

The design solution was recognized by International Building Codes, but was limited to certain applications. ATA applied for a Determination, where theycompared international building codes, against NZBC proving this stair was suitable for its application. The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) granted the Determination and their (ATA's) clients have the an efficient, and one of a select few in New Zealand samba stair and mezzanine design.

The nature of innovative design means there are often hurdles, innovative design and construction practitioners embrace hurdles. It means they are on to something epic.

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