ASSA ABLOY drives towards the future of a seamless connected home eco-system


Until now, setting up a connected home, with a huge range of ‘smart’ devices on offer, has been a fragmented proposition. The incompatibility of using different protocols and apps to run a connected home eco-system has made it difficult and confusing to set up and control the various smart devices in a home.

But in the last year, the market for connected home eco-systems has been made simpler with three key players, Apple, Google and Amazon, expanding their offering substantially in the connected home space.

It means creating a smart eco-system within a home is now incredibly simple; by simply choosing a single eco-system – whether that’s Apple HomeKit, Control4, Z-Wave, or ZigBee –you can now have all of your devices speak to each other and control everything in your home remotely from your smartphone.

For locking systems, it means those simple digital door locks that hit the market 7 to 8 years ago are now a thing of the past, says Frank Morris from ASSA ABLOY.

He says it’s predicted that in four years’ time 40 per cent of all New Zealand households will have a built-in home automation system, including a connected home locking device.

“Locking systems will not only be smart – whether it’s a lock, an alarm system, a video doorbell or a camera – they’ll all be connected in an ecosystem.”

Nowadays with the rise of the tech-savvy generation, smart digital locks are becoming more attainable and reflective of the modern way of living, whereby ‘easy and accessible with an app’ is part of the vernacular, and that, along with the prevalence of keyless entry to vehicles, has allowed the development of technology to increase at a rapid rate.

Having a digital-door lock integrated into a home eco-system is now a very simple proposition. It’s simply a matter of choosing a compatible radio-controlled module and installing it in your Yale digital door lock, says Frank. Ideally, “you really only want to go with one eco-system.”

The latest offering from Yale is the Assure SL, a slimline digital deadbolt featuring a highly robust and secure lock from Yale as one would expect, with the smarts of Apple HomeKit technology for home management.

The convenience of going keyless is only one of the benefits. Others include creating pin codes on the fly to share with others, view lock status and sync with other HomeKit accessories. Therefore it is totally conceivable to have the lights turn on when the door opens.

The Assure SL really is an attainable solution and is perfect for a prefab environment as it has a key-free design and is battery-powered so doesn’t require any hard-wiring. And with its discrete styling, it enhances and complements most door types.

Smart digital locks are so much more than a door lock; they are a product that truly embraces the future and reflects the freedom people have come to expect in an age where life and smart technology are interlocked.

Learn more about the Yale digital product range here

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