Nomination for PrefabNZ Board: Dan Scheibmair, BOINZ

Dan Scheibmair

Daniel Scheibmair, Technical and Education Manager at the Building Officials Institute of NZ had been nominated for the PrefabNZ Board election.

Daniel Scheibmair recently joined the Building Officials Institute of NZ (BOINZ), a non-profit registered charitable organisation representing over 1200 members engaged in building control in both the public and private sectors, to take on the role of Technical & Education Manager. PrefabNZ and BOINZ have a long standing history, set to be strengthened with Daniel having joined the BOINZ team and his nomination for the PrefabNZ Board elections. His particular focus on evolving the BOINZ Training Academy to deliver relevant and best-in-class education and training, and his engagement in the creation of the NZ Diploma in Building Surveying, will help better skill the Institutes' members and raise the professionalism of Building Surveyors in the Building Control sector.

BOINZ is working toward its Vision of Improving the Quality and Performance of the Built Environment, and welcomes greater collaborative effort with PrefabNZ in its commitment to ensuring the quality of New Zealand's buildings meet the requirements of the community and their occupiers. Poor quality building options are not acceptable and through greater engagement with PrefabNZ, BOINZ would welcome joint activities and initiatives in the building industry to raise acute awareness of the Building Code and associated regulations in alignment with PrefabNZ’s drive to advance innovation and excellence in offsite design and construction, thereby ensuring community faith in New Zealand's building stock.

Daniel is a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng), holds a Master of Engineering degree specialising in timber engineering and also held the position of President of the NZ Timber Design Society, a technical group of IPENZ, for 3 years. A current

PrefabNZ members are likely to have had contact with Daniel over his 10+ years in various roles within the Frame & Truss industry promoting and encouraging F&T plants to continue to evolve existing prefabrication toward panelisation and volumetric construction. He has gained extensive knowledge on timber engineering and prefabrication, with experience extending to marketing, R&D and Product Innovation, and as a result of positions held across ANZ with previous employers, within industry organisations, and on boards and committees, he has established global contacts enabling him to be at the forefront of advances and innovation in the construction sector.

He also regularly presented courses and addressed LBP-Builders, LBP-Designers, engineers, students, prefabrication plants, international conferences, and tutored BOINZ courses over the past years. First-hand experience that now serves him well in developing a new education and training framework and strategy that will not only help shape the future of the BOINZ Training Academy, but deliver quality education and training to compliance staff across NZ to better equip them as the sector engages in greater uptake of systems and prefabricated components in construction. Having an acute awareness of medium-density and mid-rise construction opportunities, IT advances, and greater prefabrication in residential construction, Daniel is a firm believer in ensuring Building Consent Authorities and their staff receive the required up-skilling as we look to increased uptake and adaptation of overseas panelised and volumetric design and construction methodologies to suit our NZ performance based building code environment.

The deadline to submit nominations is Tuesday 7 June 2017. For more information on the Board elections and the AGM please click here

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