Study trip to Sweden - Industrialized Construction

Study trip to Sweden - Industrialized Construction

PrefabNZ is excited to offer its Members the opportunity to participate in the study trip to Sweden to visit advanced industrialised construction in action, organised by The Swedish Wood Building Council.

The Swedish industry is sized to serve its population of 10M people, it leads the world in having the highest contribution of industrialized building of any economy.

Sweden has long contributed innovation to improve building technology globally, and many of its firms operate internationally. There is increasing interest in a paradigm shift, where technological change is leading to greater use of prefabrication and industrialized building due to its market changing competitiveness.

This group study trip brings together academic and industry players in a reflective experience that grants unprecedented access to Sweden’s most respected industrialized building firms, in alliance with Sweden’s Wood Building Council, to describe, demonstrate and observe the methods that define Swedish approaches to building. As a platform for knowledge exchange, the event will facilitate growing international efforts to distill ideas into knowledge, and develop an understanding of the principles that are transforming the way human shelter will be realized in the future.

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Please let Pamela Bell, CEO PrefabNZ, know of your interest to attend.

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