NZIA GIB Webinar: Prefab in Sweden

NZIA GIB Webinar: Prefab in Sweden

In this free NZIA GIB Webinar, Pamela Bell, CEO of PrefabNZ, will provide an overview of offsite construction past, present and future - both onshore and offshore, with a focus on her recent trip to Sweden.

While in Sweden, Pamela obtained an update on the state of building high-quality wood medium-density housing constructed offsite, visiting Lindbäcks, a 90 year old company which is truly taking modular construction to new heights.

Lindbäcks creates beautiful homes at a rate of twenty units per week. The company has embraced what’s known as lean production, which originated in Japan with Toyota, where they try to eliminate every kind of waste in their manufacturing flow. They look at every step of the process to maximize safety, quality and delivery to produce the most sustainable, and cost-effective custom buildings.

Pamela believes there are key savings for prefab homeowners who get a "better quality house" because they are "generally built to tighter tolerances" in controlled factory environments. Also, there's time saved in installation onsite, health and safety savings and less waste because of the controlled process – "40 % of what you find at landfills is from construction". Pamela believes it's a no-brainer if we want to build more houses.

PrefabNZ is passionate about how prefabrication and new technologies can achieve a better built environment - higher quality, smarter, greener, safer, faster, more innovative and efficient buildingsolutions.

NZIA Members are invited to join PrefabNZ Cluster events to connect with innovative construction enthusiasts. Visit for dates and locations across NZ in 2018.

Ticket price: Free
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