Free webinar | Ged Finch Circular economy solutions

Free webinar | Ged Finch Circular economy solutions

We're chatting with Ged Finch from Victoria University

Net-Zero Carbon Construction - Circular Economy Prefabrication

Before the end of 2019 the New Zealand government plans to pass the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill. This legislation formally sets the target of a net-zero carbon New Zealand by 2050. As the sector that consumes the most electricity and raw materials, and produces the most waste, the building industry has a significant role to play in aiding the New Zealand people to reach this net-zero target. This webinar will present a series of tangible modifications that can be made to a building during construction in order to reduce carbon emissions.

An easy to digest 15 minute presentation followed by a 25 minute opportunity to pose questions to our topic expert.

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About Ged

Ged is a PhD candidate at the Victoria University's School of Architecture under the supervision of Dr Antony Peolosi, Dr Morten Gjerde and Senior Lecturer Guy Marriage. Through a series of built case study projects Ged is formulating applied strategies for designing timber framed buildings for material recovery and reuse. The ambition of the research is to demonstrate strategies that separate the construction industry from material consumption and waste production. This research has been made possible through funding from Building Research New Zealand (BRANZ), KiwiNet and the generous support of Plytech International. To date, Ged's research has received international recognition from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Fast Company and the Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET). To read more about the work click here

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