Intellectual Property Simon Lock, Mark Pritchard & Luke Williams - Holmes Solutions

Intellectual Property Simon Lock, Mark Pritchard & Luke Williams - Holmes Solutions

PrefabNZ Innovation Bites – inspiration through conversation

Innovation Bites webinar launch: Tuesday 7 August, 12:15pm - 13:00pm. CPD Points available.

Topic Leader: Simon Lock, Mark Pritchard & Luke Williams - Holmes Solutions

Topic: Intellectual Property

PrefabNZ webinar host, Olly Townend, will be introducing Simon, Mark and Luke to the innovation floor. Chat with Olly, Simon, Luke and Mark by registering and ready your questions now!

Simon, Mark and Luke are looking forward to taking you through the basics of the power of Intellectual Property protection to create value.

They will start by defining registerable vs unregisterable IP and then cover due diligence, R&D as well as what defines the ‘know how’ of a business.

As a company, Holmes Solutions deliver smart engineering solutions through design, testing and innovation. They are industry leaders who work with their clients to identify value opportunities and strategic approaches to IP.

Innovation Bites are open and free for PrefabNZ Members and Cluster whanau organisation Members (NZGBC, NZIA, ADNZ, NZIQS, BOINZ, EngineeringNZ). All registrants will receive a replay link to the recording, including registered absentees. Registered absentees are still eligible for CPD points on completion of viewing the replay recording.


PrefabNZ, the heart of innovative construction, are over-the-moon to offer an engaging series of bite-sized webinars to benefit you and your enterprise -- wherever you are!

These Innovation Bites will nurture you along the innovation curve and enable uptake of disruptive technologies. To help you identify technologies and how to benefit from their implementation e.g. DfMA, CNC, AR, VR, BIM, 3D -- and other catchy acronyms! Providing fun interactive opportunities for collaborative and easy-to-digest 45 minute lunchtime learning sessions, held every two weeks.

Informative and relevant, topics will include:

  • Design for manufacture and assembly
  • Investment in your enterprise
  • Gaining CodeMark for prefab design and manufacture processes
  • Future of Technology
  • Leadership
  • Business support
  • Taking a product to Market
  • Financing of prefabs
  • KiwiBuild
  • R&D
  • Collaboration
  • + Topics you suggest

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