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Vitruvion Group Ltd

Member since 2017

Tonia Williams
+64 21 480 840
PO Box 101675,
North Shore,
Auckland 0745
Vitruvion Group Ltd

Vitruvion – Responsibility for the environment in which future generations live, work and play in is already our mandate.

Vitruvion’s collective experience means that they have seen the good, the bad and the downright dreadful in the building industry and the organisations that derive it. Vitruvion are looking to make a change:

A change in the current model – that needs to deliver so much more but struggles to adapt

They take global (and made in NZ) ‘smarts’ to reduce time, cost and process uncertainty to create sustainable communities and a healthy environment.

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Vitruvion is the collaboration of three founding partners: Kieren Mallon, Ian Linstrom, and Tonia Williams. Partners with a common integrity, and shared drive to pursue a better way of procuring our built environments.

In it’s simplest form it is off-ite manufacturing of buildings in the largest pieces possible. While standardisation and optimisation deliver cost and efficiency benefits, they understand that no two clients, sites, projects or drivers are the same, and so their offer of service ranges from:-

  • Prefabrication Consultancy
  • Design
  • Design/Build
  • Shell Fabrication:-

    - Flatpack Panel Assembly (PAS) and/or
    - Volumetric

  • PAS + Installation

  • Turnkey

Vitruvion is the alignment of key processes, drivers and business learnings they all bring to the table, meshed with a healthy appetite for collaboration, learning and mentorship – a cluster / network model that extends beyond the Auckland or even NZ horizon to instigate change. Change that implicitly delivers smarter / faster / more elegant and sophisticated, yet simpler / less wasteful high performance buildings.

At it’s heart are the Vitruvian virtues of Strength, Functionality and Beauty. All wrapped around a core of Formance Structural Insulated Panels.

Like Vitruvius - whose writings and influence have survived since antiquity - Vitruvion is the synthesis of multidisciplinary expertise across the fields of architecture, engineering and construction - brought together under one roof.


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